If your pharmacy is licensing multiple pharmacy software systems from several different sources, it’s time for a change! ARx offers a proprietary and second to none mail order pharmacy software platform, as your one-stop, all-inclusive, back end pharmacy operations interface.

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Why us

If your pharmacy is licensing multiple pharmacy software systems from several different sources, it’s time for a change!

Our core principles are simplicity of use, automation and providing a software-controlled workflow.

Licensing the ARx allows for one point of contact, one monthly invoice and circumvents the need for integration and upkeep across several platforms, saving you time and money - We do the work, so you don't have to.

The ARx is not just a pharmacy software system, it is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, focused on optimizing business processes, communicating information effectively between all departments of the organization and cost reduction.

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About us

Global Healthcare Management is a full-service business consulting company who offers a vast array of services to clients in the medical and healthcare industries to formulate effective strategies promoting compliance, efficacy and growth.

Our specialties include marketing services, financial and accounting functions, insurance claims and audit assistance, human resources, IT support and software licensing.

Since our inception in 2012, we have focused on providing our clients a well-rounded experience and service. In the short time since our inception, we have collaborated and worked with tens of thousands of physicians and healthcare providers in this capacity. In turn, we have assisted hundreds of thousands of patients to receive the services, supplies and benefits they need.

ARX Components

  1. Completely Web-Based Application

    ARx can be accessed through a regular browser, so you do not need to worry about software updates, hardware requirements, etc.

  2. Software Controlled Workflow

    ARX can be configured to fit your workflow and maximize the productivity of your employees

    We have a system of checks and balances to make sure that all records will be processed correctly

  3. Patient Onboarding / Enrollment Interface

    ARx is integrated with our patient onboarding system, that is used to manage leads from various marketing vendors and campaigns

  4. Doctor Chase Interface

    Our system contains a flexible Doctor Chase module that helps track and manage following up with prescribers on the outgoing faxes, mailings and ERX requests your team has sent.

  5. SureScripts Integration for New and Refill Rx Requests

    ARX is integrated with SureScripts and supports the most recent NewRx request module

  6. Customer Service Interface

    We have a powerful Customer Service module that will help your customer service team to manage inbound and outbound calls to patients

  7. Automated Pharmacy Dispensing and Billing System

    Within our system, you can efficiently process both mail order and retail prescriptions

    Queue Management

    First Databank Integration

    Automation & Robotics Integration

    Central Processing Management

    State License Verification

  8. FedEx and USPS Integration

    ARX is integrated with FedEx and USPS shipping services. It has an ability to generate labels, track package delivery and store delivery confirmation inside the ARX system for auditing purposes

  9. Predictive Dialer Integration

    ARX is integrated with our own dialer system that can be used to confirm refills and notify patients about package deliveries.

  10. Audit Assistance Interface

    ARX contains robust auditing tools to easily access all required paperwork and information for PBM audits.

  11. Mailing / Mailroom Interface

    ARX has a built-in module for handling outbound and inbound mail from patients

  12. Reporting

    Quick Glance Dashboards can be exported to Excel

    Ability to pull data from multiple practices

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For further inquiry on any of our services, please contact us:

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